Robert Frank

Robert Frank, who was born in Zurich, Switzerland is still going strong at the age of 88 years. Frank was born on the 9th of November, 1924 and is important to American photography and film making. Here is one of his most recognised images. © Robert Frank Girl Smoking, 1959. I think this really shows a documentary side to the image and I love the sepia toning in this image as it really makes the girl stand out. Also this photo has always intrigued me how she looks so young and she has a cigarette in her hand which really questions you about society as a whole. 4

The second image I really like is this image here. MacGill-Gallery-New-York Caerau, Wales 1953 © Robert Frank I like the fact that this really shows off an industrial side to the image. What I get from the image to tell me this is the clothing especially the hat which suggests its a hat for a man that works in farming or the mines. The way the group are all together in the background following suggests they work for the main figure at the front or they are all a friendly group. The long clothing I can see suggests they work in this type of industry too. Especially in the group at the back it looks like they are strolling to or from work. The dirt I see all on the main figure’s face at the front suggests he is a miner especially. Finally the cobbled houses suggests it was around a 20th century time even without looking at the year it was made.


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